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  1. Trying to crack (into) anything relating to try2hack beyond the scope of the levels is forbidden.

  2. On-line brute-forcing, hammering, or otherwise requesting excessive amounts of pages from the server is forbidden. Note that this is thus NOT necessary to complete the levels.

IRC channels
  1. Flooding, spamming, channel wide ctcp's or notices and anything else annoying is forbidden (This includes 1337 sp34k).

  2. Giving solutions to levels, passwords or any sourcecodes is forbidden.

  3. Giving links to any file relating to the levels on the try2hack site is forbidden.

  4. Giving links to tools needed for a level is forbidden.

  5. Querying (private messaging) voices or channel operators without permission is forbidden.

  6. Any form of ban evasion is forbidden.

  7. Bans will not be discussed, not in a channel or in a query. Wait for the ban to be unset or you face a permanent ban.

  8. Asking for ops or voice is useless. If you are 1337 enough and we need someone you'll be asked.

Try2hack level 10

For Level 10 see the end of Level 9. The goal of level 10 is to create your own account on the bot and gain +n (owner) by exploiting an intentional bug in the bot.
  1. Any effort to let the bot crash, die or act erroneously is forbidden.

Any violations of the above rules are subject to a site ban on your IP or subnet or an immediate kickban by any channel operator.