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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where do I start the challenge?

    Consider finding the start of the challenge level 0.

  2. Can I ask for help in the channel?

    Sure you can, just don't reveal any info, and don't think people are required to help you. We help when we like, and we aren't in the mood for helping all the time. You can consider the channel a general chat place and talk about anything you like except for offensive or annoying topics.

  3. What is the password/username for level XX?

    The whole point of the challenge is that you need to figure out the password/username for the levels. If we'd give them out the challenge would be useless, hence we don't give usernames/passwords, ever.

  4. What tools do I need to solve level XX?

    Just as the password/username this is something that you will need to find out yourself. However, hints are allowed in the IRC channel.

  5. How to do level XX?

    That's indeed what you need to find out.

  6. Level XX is hard, can you give me a little hint?

    If you have a problem with a level you can try asking a specific question in the IRC channel. That doesn't mean that you should reveal information in the channel, revealing information in the public channel is not allowed. Try to ask a smart question, specific, but still not revealing. If you really have to give details, ask one of the operators or voices if you may query them and if they are there, and in the mood to help you, they will. You can also ask other people in the channel who have already finished the level.

  7. I have been banned, so mean!

    Well, people are not banned for fun, if you were banned then you have done something wrong. Most likely you can find the reason on the rules page. If you have been banned and want to get back in the channel in the shortest time possible then do NOT query the person who banned you asking him to remove the ban, unless you are pretty sure there is a misunderstanding. A sure way to get banned for the rest of your natural life is to try to evade the ban.

  8. You have a mistake in level XX, the password isn't working!

    Many people have finished the level before you, and there are no problems in the passwords. Some of the passwords you may encounter are intentional tricks.

  9. Why do I get kicked or banned for pasting a password that didn't work?

    Well, the rules state clearly that you shouldn't paste source code, and this IS source code. If you do not hesitate to paste a wrong password, then you won't find it a problem to paste the correct one.

  10. How come helping gets me banned in the channel?

    Well, you are allowed to help people who are asking in the channel, we even appriciate it, but do NOT give too much info. Notice that there are other people in the channel who are there just to chat, enjoy their time and learn. They do NOT want you to tell them stuff they didn't ask for. Other than this, the person who asked the question should figure out some things by himself.

  11. Why shouldn't I query an op or a voice without asking?

    The ops and voices generally have other things to do besides helping out 30 people in need for hints at the same time. We don't help you because we have to, but because we like it. But we cannot control it if people message us whenever they like. Just ask for permission before you query, and usually you won't be denied.

  12. What is wrong with pasting a link to a tool?

    Tools people post might contain viruses and result in problems for your computer. Other than this, you should learn how to search for things by yourself, it is an easy skill but very useful. If you depend on people to do this job for you all the time then you will not be able to do it later when you need a tool for some other thing. Use and try yourself, use keywords and try to get what you need.

  13. The flash file doesn't react to my username/password, what can I do?

    Use your 1337 hacking skills to remove any track of the file and then refresh the page. How? Figure it out yourself!

  14. How do I hack hotmail passwords? XXXX's computer?

    You are in the wrong place. And if you came looking here in the first place you won't be finding the right place anyway. Give up. Play with your nintendo some more.